Why Fractal

Fractal was born to help innovators and disruptors harness the full power of custom software development.

We've codified best practices from silicon valley in software development, team building, and culture to help you make building software a core competency of yourself and your organization.


Our tenured full time employees work in-person with your team to build quality software.

Talent & Culture

We help you create a solid product development culture to help you attract, retain, and level up your team.

Some of Our Clients

Software Development

Technology and custom software are the keys to unlocking extraordinary opportunities.

Team Development

We can help with sourcing, interviewing, and technical assessments.

Technology Leadership

We partner at a leadership level to guide you on architecture, product development, and leading a tech team.

Our Services

We can help you build or scale a software product and help you empower a new or existing internal tech team. All at the same time.

About Fractal

Why Work Here

Incredible Location

We're located just a few blocks from the beach and near the best donut shop in all Santa Monica.

Whatever you want to eat or do, it's probably nearby.

Amazing Benefits

Among other things, we offer fully-paid healthcare, Headspace, HBO, Netflix, ClassPass, and your choice of mechanical keyboard.

Plus, catered breakfast every day.

Challenging, Rewarding Work

Our clients trust us to solve their most wicked problems, so we're always finding new ways to be on top of our game.

It's hard work, but it's worth it.

Meet a Few Fractalites

Molly Nation

Fractal is the best place I have ever worked. I wake up looking forward to coming into work each day. The culture is incredible, it's a space where I feel valued, my voice matters and I'm offered continued support from our team.

Liam Yafuso

From workflow processes to engineering to design principles to revenue growth, we see our clients' business from many different perspectives, and it's that multi-faceted approach that establishes a holistically healthy team and culture.

Jake de Grazia

PRODUCT Management
What I appreciate most about working at Fractal is that everyone is committed to learning every day. No client is the same. No product is the same. And we all know that we need to learn and adjust and experiment and learn some more.

Open Positions

Sr. Product Designer

Santa Monica, CA

Sr. Software Engineer

Santa Monica, CA

Sr. Product Manager

Santa Monica, CA

About the Founders

We founded Fractal based on the belief that we can create a better future by helping organizations and individuals get really good at developing software.

And we believe the key to achieving this is to help our clients create unique, mission-driven development cultures that enable dedicated team members to find happiness, purpose and fulfillment through honing their craft.

Ross Hale

Veteran software product development team leader and CTO who has overseen teams of 100+ developers.  

Elizabeth Gansen

director of operations
Runs the business, HR, finance and operations. Leads our product development team culture initiatives.


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